Honeywell Workeasy Black PU Work Gloves

  • General Purpose Gloves
  • 05/07/2016

Honeywell Workeasy Black PU Work Gloves

Overview of Honeywell Workeasy Black PU Work Gloves

Product type: Gloves
Range:General purpose
Line:Precision work
Industry; Automatic and Part Manufacturer; Aviation; Logistics;
Maintenance; Transportation;
Product Use
Handling of fine products in a dry, slightly greasy or soiled environment.

100% black polyester knitted glove
Black polyurethane coating on palm and fingertips

Polyurethane coating provides good resistance to abrasion and tears, keeping hands protected

Palm dipped design reduces hand fatigue and allows wearer dexterity

Grip coating makes gloves ideal for handling in dry or greasy conditions


Palms and fingers dipped in a polyurethane coating to protect from abrasion and tears

Lab gloves fit close, and non-piling material ensures compatibility with precise work

HoneywellWorkeasy Black PU Gloves are work gloves that protect your hands while maintaining your hand dexterity

Silicone-free construction ideal for electronics assembly, laboratory gloves, and other sensitive duties

Polyester liner is soft and comfortable, making long shifts easier to tolerate

Compliant with EN 388 standard, rating 3121

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